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Sara Laux Akin - Three Scoops and a Fig

Suzanne Bloom - A Splendid Friend, Indeed

Carolyn Crimi - Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies

Anna Dewdney - Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Kelly DiPucchio - Campfire Songs for Monsters

Kelly DiPucchio - Clink

Kelly DiPucchio - Zombie in Love

Lezlie Evans - Who Loves The Little Lamb

Catherine Friend - The Perfect Nest

Keith Graves - Chicken Big

Leslie Helakoski - Big Chickens

Tad Hills - Duck & Goose

John Himmelman - Katie Loves the Kittens

Sandra Horning - The Giant Hug

Dave Horowitz - Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again

Naomi Howland - Princess Says Goodnight

Elisa Kleven - Welcome Home, Mouse

Tom Lichtenheld, illustrator - Yes Day!

Brian Lies - Bats at the Ballgame

Cynthia Lord - Hot Rod Hamster

D. J. MacHale - The Monster Princess

Diane Mayr - Run, Turkey, Run

Lisa McCue, illustrator - Cork and Fuzz: The Babysitters

Lisa Moser - Perfect Soup

Laura Murray - The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Susan Pearson - Slugs in Love

Colleen and Betseygail Rand ~ Big Bunny

Michael Rex - The Runaway Mummy

Aaron Reynolds - Chicks and Salsa

Marisabina Russo - A Very Big Bunny

Joyce Stengel - St Patrick and the Three Brave Mice

Michael Sussman - Otto Grows Down

Jane Sutton - Don't Call Me Sidney

Michael Townsend - Monkey and Elephant's Worst Fight Ever!

Deborah Underwood - A Balloon for Isabel

Jackie Urbanovic - Duck Soup

Hope Vestergaard - Potty Animals 

Rick Walton - Bertie Was a Watchdog

Lisa Wheeler - Porcupining

Lisa Wheeler - Ugly Pie

Lisa Wheeler - Spinster Goose

Natasha Wing - Go to Bed, Monster!

Maureen Wright - Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep