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Here's cutie-patootie me when I was 3 years old.  I loved having stories read to me. 
(And I had very scruffy shoes.)

I'm the one under the baby. I was the oldest girl in a family of 7 kids, so I learned to be a story teller early in life.

In highschool I won a poetry contest in Freshman English. It was three pages long and told a tragic story. That's all I remember about it.  Too bad.


This is me with striped hair in the 1970s . I wrote stories for my twin daughters.   I had more than 50 stories published in kid's magazines.  Lucky me!

This is one of my first books.  1970. Can you believe our village library still has a copy? My other 1970s books were titled A Hat for Lily, and The Way the Tiger Walked.

One of the best things about being a writer is meeting other writers. Here I am with Linda Sue Park when she came to Milwaukee on her Newbery tour. Lucky me again!

Wow!  Look at all these writers! 
(From left to right) Me, Andrea Beaty, Lisa Wheeler, Anita Riggio, Julia Durango, Marsha Hayles, and (my daughter!) Stacy DeKeyser!

Me and my grandson, Tom, in a friendly argument over who tells the worst jokes. (That would probably be me.)

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